Quadcopter Projects

I love quadcopters!!!

I really, really do! I love everything there is to love about quadcopters.

I love building them, I love flying them, and I can't wait to share my passion with all of you!
To that end, I've started to put together the following build guides. Hope you enjoy!

Micro Swoop Build

JustBard Micro Swoop

This is such a fun little 65mm quad! I've gotten hours of fun out of it so far with no sign of it stopping anytime soon. It's safe for indoor flying and even has limited outdoor flying capabilities. If you want to get into FPV flying and don't trust yourself to do any major soldering jobs, this is the quad for you!

Check out my Micro Swoop Project to get started!

Camera Quad Build

Full Size Camera Platform

Description Goes Here

Racing Quad Build

Coming Soon!

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